Homeland Security Technology

Together with our partners we offer a broad portfolio of custom solutions, state of the art homeland security technology and patented products to protect sensitive installations, critical infrastructure, and site management in some of the world’s most demanding locations.

Smart Technological Protection for: Borders, airports, seaports, correctional facilities, nuclear power stations and, more recently, cannabis farms, where security is a critical requirement.

Product Division: provides sensors, security cameras and video analytics to integrators, anti drones.

critical infrustructures2


Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems (PIDS) – a variety of smart barriers and fences, fence mounted detectors, virtual gates, buried and concealed detection systems;

Close Circuit TV (CCTV) – a comprehensive management platform with a leading Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA) and Video Motion Detection (VMD) engine;

Physical Security Information Management (PSIM)a site management open system that enhances command, control and decision making during both routine operations and crisis situations.


Counter Drone and UAV System Capabilities

  • Radar Technology
  • Detects and tracks aerial targets up to 6 km
  • Prevents intrusive drones from flying over or landing
  • Visual verification Multidirectional and frequency jamming systems
  • Thermal and day image verification capabilities
  • Cameras cue targets
  • Ability to force land or return to take off location
  • Operator via camera images tracks flight path in real time
  • Customizable ranges and mobile controlled configurations / Tactical Command Vehicle to deploy system to remote locations faster
  • Customizable to suit different operational needs, budgets, and technical constraints